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CRM system for one of Australia’s most trusted and successful private property developers - Intrapac Property



Intrapac has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most successful property developers with landmark communities across the country.

Stable, privately owned, well-connected, and committed to delivering exceptional returns for stakeholders, partners, investors, and communities – Intrapac’s success is built on a track record of creating inspiring, sustainable residential projects across Australia with a wide spectrum of properties from boutique luxury addresses to contemporary neighborhoods, offering a broad diversity in product and target market.

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The challenge

With Intrapac several property objects across Australia it was important to create an all-in-one system for sales managers, contract administrators, and customers to interconnect and therefore to gather integral statistics tailored to business needs. The main challenge was to customize the database in a way to help set up the processes for customers such as: to check the available slots or packages of properties and to select and buy the suitable ones.


The solutions

For this project, we collaborated closely with our clients at Interpac as they were relying on us heavily to bring their vision to life. Paying close attention to the client’s requirements and relying on the professional experience of our developers we managed to implement a CRM system for one of Australia’s most trusted and successful private property developers.

We intentionally created a very simple but convenient and intuitive interface that enables the storage of a large amount of data. With this new CRM system, the purchase-sale process of appropriate real estate for customers and sales managers becomes hounded times simpler, faster, and has transformed the way the company works.

Now, roles (Admin, Sales Manager, Sales Person, Contract Administrator, and Reporting), information about builders, lots, sales are located in one place. As a result, statistics can be gathered accurately, taking into account all the above-mentioned aspects.


The process

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Front-end development

Implementing visual and interactive elements users are engaged with

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Back-end development

Ensuring a high-level functionality of the platform at the server side

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Third-party integration

Making the app more flexible by connecting to an external system with a third-party API

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Using both manual and automation testing approaches to deliver high-quality product

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Maintaining higher availability and performance of software through technical support and integrated impoving from our engineers

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We brought to Intrapac platform the organizational depth and expertise that enables users to onboard quickly.

Personalized approach

Everyone can find a suitable property slot or a package deal due to the deployed filter system

Organizational structure

A well-structured platform allows dividing tasks and concentrates on the most important ones

Smooth performance

Although the platform revolves around handling lots of data, the workflow is really smooth


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