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Fleek - mobile app platform for booking beauty services online



Fleek is a powerful tool that consists of two separate mobile apps and an admin panel for beauty salons and beauty professionals that would like to have a greater overview and control of their businesses.

Find salons in your area, read reviews, book (rebook and reschedule), on the Fleek app. Whichever treatment you’re after – haircut, wax, massage – we’ll help you sort a salon slot, 24/7.

The challenge

Our main goal was to combine simplicity, usability, and multifunctionality for a number of beauty salons, individual beauty professionals, and all their customers.

It was a responsible task to bring this complex idea to life. We had to bear in mind all the nuances of the sphere, as well as the needs of the target audience.

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Client Mobile App

Key Features

  • List markEasy to use Appointment Calendar
  • List markProduct Sales - Track your inventory, sales and sales income
  • List markCustomer Management - Grow your customer base & Keep your data safely
  • List markSalon and users Management
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Customer Mobile App

Key Features

  • List markFilter salons and artists, to find the best in your area.
  • List markAppointments management in one place – rebook, reschedule or cancel if you need to.
  • List markGet push notifications straight to your home screen, so you never forget an appointment, or miss a discount, again.
  • List markRead reviews written by customers, so you know what to expect at every salon.

CRM System

Solution screenSolution screen

Value delivered

Fleek mobile apps offer tangible benefits to the beauty treatment sphere. Customers have an opportunity to select services not only thought verified salons but also from individual specialists who are providing full-fledged analog services. Both service providers have equal management rights.

Our solid expertise in Mobile App Development and Web Development made it easy to provide both excellent user experience as well as an intuitive and fast working process for salon professionals. We combined the features characteristic of a CRM system, time management apps, and documentation databases, and wrapped them in an appealing design.

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The process

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Mobile app development

Using React Native framework to develop cross-platform, multi-dimensional mobile apps

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Web development

Developing the CRM system and API for the apps

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Third-party integration

Making the app more flexible by connecting to an external system with a third-party API

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Using both manual and automation testing approaches to deliver high-quality product

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Maintaining higher availability and performance of software through technical support and integrated impoving from our engineers

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React Native
React Native


We’ve managed to create an app for both salon and individual profesionals with booking on-demand beauty treatment

Everything from bookings to payments are done solely through Fleek’s mobile app to help you stay in control of your business and time wherever you go with no hidden fees.

Appointment managing

See all your booking history (old and new) in one place. So, if you need to change the time, the day, or straight-up cancel an appointment, you can, easily.

Real-life reviews

Read reviews (millions of them) written by our customers post-treatment, so you know what to expect at each and every salon.

Book On the Go

The power to book from anywhere at any time, right at your fingertips! With our salon scheduling app you can view, add, or edit appointments at any time.

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Fleek is a powerful tool that consists of two separate mobile apps and an admin panel for beauty salons and beauty professionals that would like to have a greater overview and control of their businesses.

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